Summer is the best season to visit Albania.


If there is one place in Albania that everyone should visit during the summer, it is Dhërmi. This enchanting coastal village located in the south of Albania.


Another not-to-miss place to visit in Albania during the summertime is Himara, the main village situated along the Albanian Riviera.


Saranda is considered by most as the unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera: it is the main town in southern Albania, with plenty of cool clubs and excellent restaurants, frequented by international tourists and surrounded by terrific beaches that are perfect for a beautiful Albanian holiday.


Ksamil is the last beach along the Albanian Riviera and one of the best, too. Ksamil, also called “the Ionian pearl” because of its beauty, is an enchanting beach with three small islands reachable by boat or with a pleasant swim. Summer is a great time to visit Ksamil, but the best months are June and September; during July and August tourists from all over the world overcrowd the beach. A plus here is the presence of the archaeological park of Butrint, one of the three UNESCO sites in Albania.

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