Founded in 2009 in Gostivar, on the Braqa Gjinoski n.n, “Union Travel” has been licensed as a tourist agency by the Ministry of Tourism.

Since then, we offer Airplane Tickets, Bus Tickets, Travel Insurances, Arrangement Packages and Travel Packages with Enormous Opportunities. The purpose of our services includes daily international flights and transports and holiday packages, such as summer vacation arrangements in destinations such as Turkey, Albania etc.

“Union Travel” also offers arrange package for winter season and tourist trips to many world destinations …

To make our offers even more attractive, we offer special discounts for early bookings.

Union Travel is licensed by IATA (International Air Transport Association) with the right to sell travel tickets to all IATA members.

The goal is to approach family members with each other with maximum security, spend fantastic holidays, comfort and reasonable prices – this is our commitment. To achieve this, we only cooperate with quality, serious and proven partners.

We work hard and with determination to offer our best to our customers.

You offer us faith, we offer you the service!

Thank you for traveling with us!